Wifi Hacker For Android Free Download | Crack Wifi Password Free

Download Wi-Fi Hacker For Android

Tired of searching Working WiFi Hacker over the internet ? Yes you might had completely wasted your time in trying out the worthless shit tools . Now its time to Download the real working WiFi hacker . You heard right , this is completely a new version of WiFi hacker designed by (R*NNe) Russian troop of hackers, who spent 24 Sleepless nights to produce this WPA-2 PSK, WPA, WEP encrypted all in one WiFi Password cracker which perfectly works on your Android Mobile phone or Tablet .But to our shock this tool was designed in mid 2014 itself, but for security reasons they had made in confidential. Anyway this is a leak , they sold the each copy at the price of 2k$ . This is the reason why the software doesn’t came out since many months. Finally somehow tool got leaked in one of the blackhat forum. And now we are presenting this tool for you. But its not for free , you need to complete a survey to download the tool. This is the only way to prevent the tool from spammers. If we release this as free version , they might stop the updates .

How WiFi Hacker Works On Android

Android WiFi hacker is programmed in python combined with the algorithmic  patterns involved in Kali Linux, Reaver (Tools used to hack wifi networks On PC)  .  Aircrack-NG was officially involved in making algorithm for this android wifi hack tool . There are two levels involved in finding Wifi password of protected network.

  • WPS Secured Pin Cracking
  • Password Breaking

WPS Cracking is very easy process usually cracks any encrypted WiFi router under 20-10 minutes . And gives you the  output PIN very instant . Password breaking is brute force attack and we cannot predict the estimated time might be an hour or two sometimes 6 even.  First it will display the hash key, and then decry-pt the hash into password. There is one flaw in this android wifi hacker , it can’t break the multiple secured layered patterns which were mainly used in GOV (Nasa) and Private Network Stations ( An Workstation WiFi i.e Company Wifi). But i can guarantee that it works pretty well to hack your neighbors internet connections 😛

wifi hacker for android
Backtrack Algorithm Combination with Android Wifi Hacker

Steps To Hack WiFi Using Android WiFi Hacker:

  • Download Android WiFi Hacker From the Below Download Link

    Don’t get fooled this is only the official link , uploaded by us. Only Follow this linkHow to hack wifi on android

  • Extract the ZIP
  • Copy the AndroWifi.apk to your mobile SD Card
  • Install And Run AndroWifi.apk on your Android Mobile / Tablet.

Free wifi password hacker for android

  • Application scans for the near by WiFi Network Stations
  • Then Select the desired network to hack, I suggest you to follow the priority order WEP,WPA,WPA-2 Because WEP can be hacked easily then WPA-2 Network. However most of the users are updated,now they are using WPA-2 Secured networks. Still remember it.
  • After Choosing the desired network. AndroWifi starts analyzing the network multiple times to test possible vulnerabilities .

Wifi router hacker keygen

  • Once the perfect Vulnerability is found ,it will automate the process and cracks the password involving the two levels as mentioned above.
  • When it get finished , it will beep a sound and it represents your password ,there you go you have successfully cracked the WiFi network
  • You can also see the password in LOG.txt Stored in your SD card Location.

Wifi hacker working app for android


Reselling of this Tool is subjected to illegal actions 

#Paypal Money Adder | Generator Free Download 2016

Paypal Money Adder is a great application which generates the free money for users, by hacking Paypal Accounts from encrypted Servers, it is designed by the France and Russian Hackers And Works on MAC,Windows 7 & 8, Linux and Ubuntu As Well .But they didn’t made it public, probably the only reason is to prevent from the spammers. But i do think it should be made public and help the users to generate the Free cash.  What !! Can we hack Free paypal Money ? And Generate or Earn Free Earnings Online ? The answer is yes , But it would be possible only with this application, which am sharing you now. This Crack is very easy to use and make real money online. Is this is a free Application? No You have to complete a survey for downloading this file to prevent from spam bots and spammers, just complete a survey to prove that you are human and download the file For free.
Paypal Money adder | generator
Paypal Money adder

How Hackers Created Paypal Money Adder?

Paypal money adder is a application developed in Python, Java, Ruby, which is created by the 83 members of france and russian hackers team during 2014-2015 . They struggled 1 month to make it successful. And Finally created a tool which can generate free money For Users.  Why it was created? There is a revenge story behind  the scenes , If u want to know it then read this, One day head of Hackers bought a Hardware Device which is  a worth of 10,000$ using paypal transactions, he successfully made the payment and ordered it. But after one hour more 10,000$ was deducted from the account. Now total amount deducted from his account was 20,000$ , he mailed the paypal team but they didn’t responded to the mail. Making this as point he want to exploit the whole paypal transactions. But this was not possible that time. So he got curious about the paypal system and how it works !!. He came into the game commanding their team to make a ultimate hack about paypal system. They started working on it and found a bug which cannot be fixed by the paypal system and can be used as source to exploit the servers. Working a month they completely defined a working paypal money adder which cannot be fixed by the paypal team.
free paypal money

How To Run Paypal Money Generator?

  • Download The Application From Here
  • Run the Program As ADMINISTRATOR (other wise crashes often)
  • Wait the program until it connects the Main And Nearest paypal Available Server
  • Enter Your Email Id And Add The Amount to be Added (1000$ Maximum, 1 attempt)
  • Wait until the program ping backs you message
  • It will take upto 2-5 minutes because of encryption it will search for the open ports and sends SQL injection And successfully completes it.
  • After 5 Minutes it will represents you a message the Money Has been Added to Your paypal Account
  • You have successfully added money to your paypal account , its time to watch your account.

free paypal money generator download

FAQ #Free Paypal Money Adder

Q:I Got Error Like the Application Has Been Suddenly Stopped!!!
Ans: Yes It happens some times due to your OS problems, don’t panic run it as administrator
Q:How much amount i can add at one time?
Ans: The maximum permissible amount is 1000$ but you can add multiple times coming to threshold value it is limited to 50$. Below listed some frequently used amounts
100$ – 500$ – 1000$
Q: Does this program works in future?
Ans:  Yes!! Of course this programs works until earth crashes or paypal remove their service. This is because we have invented a system which sandboxes the server everytime and this Application is working on virtual servers.
Q:Do I get arrested For Adding Paypal Money? Is it Safe?
Ans: Not possible as i had said already it was working on virtual servers, which generates the new ip basing on cellular location (random locations) . So it is not possible to locate even one clue about the user.
Q: How many times, i can add the amount in single day using paypal money adder?
Ans:As many times , no one can trace. But recommended to use 5-6 times a day using single account because they might be doubtful on you.
Q: Should i trust the program?
Ans: You may or may not because , it  doesn’t matter. Actually its not a question.
Q:is there any virus?
Ans: You clearly watch from below picture.it was free from any virus!!
paypal money adder online
Download paypal Money adder
descargar paypal money adder 2016

Clash of Clans Hack Tool Unlimited Coins, Gems, Elixir Free Download

Clash of Clans Hacks And Cheats

Download our New clash of clans hack tool to hack Unlimited Coins, Elixir ,Gold and Gems. Hey guys i know that you are not really happy by playing clash of clans game on your Android Device or iPhone. You can’t really enjoy the clash of clans without possessing good amount of Coins, Elixir ,Gold and Gems in your account ,which you really need to purchase by paying few bucks .Are you serious for the sake of game ,you are ready pay the real cash.But i don’t agree with you. So am here to present the New clash of clans Mod (Hack), which enables you to Generate the unlimited Coins, Elixir ,Gold and Gem for free. So lets get started.
Clash of clans gems,diamonds,exlir hack

Clash of Clans Hack Tool Overview

Clash of clans is one of the top grossing game in Playstore (Android) and App Store (iOS) of all time. It was released on 2nd of august in 2012, by “Supercell” production, a video game company.No sooner the game came out it became too popular and hit millions of downloads very first month.  Clash of clans is a multiplayer game (online Version) ,where players build a community , train troops and attack the opponent players to earn gold and elixir. Clash of clans also offers pseudo-single player opportunity in which player attack a series of fortified goblin villages. Its really hard to earn gems and coins by playing the game in genuine method which consumes hours of time . Basically am very busy man but game lover as well so i’ll assign few minutes of time to play games on bed time, i really don’t like playing the this game with few or no gems. I know that you are too busy as well. So finally i want to create Mod to hack clash of clans, which can add unlimited amount of resources to your account. There by ,it took 3 weeks of time to create the tool by our troop of programmers (Students) . And i thought to share the tool to claners to make the game easy,exciting and interesting.
Clash of Clans hack Tool

Clash of Clans Hack Features

  • Unlimited Gems , Eixir and Gems (Glitch)
  • One Time Installation – You Really don’t need to update the program, because whatever changes we make ,we do it on server not on application. Updating the App is really a Myth where fake programmers promises it.
  • Proxy Support (Tor Servers ) – you really don’t need to get mess up with your IP or ISP, You are safe!!!! We run the app virtually on sandboxed servers where ip usually refreshes every second.
  • Works On Non-rooted and Jail-broken devices. Your mobile or device need not be a rooted one or jail broken device no cydia , iFunbox or other third party application come into the game.
  • Works on Android  (2.2+) and iOS Platforms Requires iOs 6.0+ ( iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus ) and iPad
  • You can even run it on PC if you are using bluestacks or any other android emulators. We have Released a neat guide about this in below download link.
  • Unfortunately presently Clash of Clans tool is only available for Offline Version (Download and Install it) . Very soon we introduce the online version .how to hack clash of clans game

How to Hack Clash of Clans

  • Download the Below Mentioned Zip File
  • Extract the Zip file and you find the windows executive file “clashofclanshack.exe
  • Run the file as Administrator , you can find it by right clicking on the file.
  • Now Clash of clans hack tool is running on your PC , It appears similar to the above screen shot
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad or Android Mobile
  • Choose the device on the clash of clans hack application.
  • Enter your clash of clans login credentials  and Specify the required number of coins ,Gems , Elixirs 
  • Now Start the process by clicking on ‘start’ button specified on the tool
  • Wait  couple of minutes, until it connects and ping to nearest possible server based on your location. The whole process is automated ,its a hand off job.
  • That’s it now open the clash of clans app on your mobile and see the real magic.clash of clans hack cydia

Clash of Clans Hack Mod Proof

Clash of clans hack free download

Clash of Clans Hack Tool Virus Check

clash of clans hack no survey virus free

FAQ #Clash Of Clans Hack Tool

Q:I Got Error Like the Application Has Been Suddenly Stopped!!!
Ans: Yes It happens some times due to your OS problems, don’t panic run it as administrator.

Q: Does this program works in future?
Ans: Yes!! Of course this programs works until earth crashes or Clash of clans remove their game. This is because we have invented a system which sandboxes the server everytime and this Application is working on virtual servers.

Q: How many times, i can add the Resources in single day using Clash of Clans Hack Tool?
Ans: As many times , no one can trace. But recommended to use 5-6 times a day because they might be doubtful on you.

Q: Should i trust this Crack?
Ans: You may or may not because , it doesn’t matter. Actually its not a question.

Q:is there any virus?
Ans: You clearly watch from above picture.it was free from any virus!!

Clash Of Clans Change Log (Resources)

15/10/2014 : Servers are given custom names(beta). Memory leaks and some bugs fixed.
21/10/2014 : Multiple servers sharing same database, so that another server can be used, when one is down, and your game progress remains saved, even after changing server.
27/10/2014 : New custom server working with latest version
06/12/2014 : All Savings related issues fixed. PvE added! Chasethose Goblins! 🙂
25/12/2014 : Universal APK released! 🙂
04/01/2015 : “Dual Install”> You can install both original apk and mod apk on phone! Play them side by side.!
09/03/2015 : PvP added! Enjoy Looting others 🙂
11/05/2015 : Bugs Fixed
09/06/2015 : Tri-servers Introduced

#Amazon Gift Card Generator Free Download {Working}

You can now generate Amazon Gift Cards and Vouchers for free. Our state of the art hack tool can generate unlimited gift cards and promotional coupon codes for free. If you are wondering, No, you need not pay a single penny for this generator. Just click on the download link located below and obtain Amazon Money Generator for free.

Get amazon gifts card for free

How to Use Amazon Money Hack Tool To Generator Unlimited Gift Cards?

  • First, download the tool by clicking on the link located above.
  • Install it on your Windows / Linux or Mac system by specifying the installation location.
  • After installation, run the tool by clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  • It should display a screen like the one displayed in the image above.
  • Select your desired amount of cash and enter your e-mail address.
  • Next, select the mode such as Proxy, Hash Crypt, e.t.c. You need not understand the technical details within, just try another option if one doesn’t work. But, i assure most of them work  9 out of 10 times.
  • After filling all the details, click on the Generate button. The Gift Card will be mailed to the e-mail address you have provided.

How to RedeemFree Amazon Gift Card

There are two ways you can redeem your gift code generated through our Amazon Gift card code generator.

  • First Way: Go to your account and click on ‘Apply a Gift Card to your Account’ link. Enter your claim code and click on the Submit button. The voucher amount will be added to your account balance.
  • Second Way: Alternatively, you can also add the claim code during checkout. However, you can’t use Express Checkout in this way.

How Does it Work?

It isn’t rocket science. Did you ever purchase a Gift voucher from Amazon or any other site? If you did, you will receive a unique number or string containing different digits. You can redeem this coupon during checkout. In fact, this string is where all the magic lies within. It contains all the information regarding the gift card transaction like the name of user, e-mail address, amount, e.t.c. Our team of cryptographers reverse-engineered the pattern and found the hash function to generate unlimited gift vouchers for free.

To make this information accessible to the public, we decided to release this tool for free. This tool user the same patterns to generate unlimited vouchers according to your desired amount (10$, 50$, 100$, 200$, 500$).amazon gift card 100$ for free

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Promotional Codes can i generate?

A. There is absolutely no limit on how many gift cards you can generate. If you reach the limit on your Amazon account, just create a new account and continue looting.

2. Is it available in all countries?

A. Yes, it is available in almost every country. If shipping is not enabled to your country, you can gift the item or use P.O Box shipping method to receive your item.

3. Do I Get Banned for using Amazon Free Gift Card Generator?

Our tool is equipped with all anonymity tools and proxies are rotated regularly. So, it is impossible for them to know your location or identity. Just make sure, you don’t use more than ten codes in one day. Overuse may get you under Amazon.com’s radar and you might get banned. Even if you get banned there is absolutely no problem. Just create a new account and continue this process.

4. The Application suddenly stopped working

If you see this error in Windows, it probably means the application crashed. Just restart it.Download paypal Money adder